About Us

Vision & Mission


What Is Droptop?

  DROPTOP is a premium cafe which defers from other brand-name cafe in terms of space service and business philosophy


DROPTOP is truly concerned about the health and lives of our customers with top quality products while protecting the environment. Our top priority is to protect the health of our cutomers with the best taste.


Savory aroma of coffee brewed with freshly ground coffee beans, breads still warm, and a heartwarming smile. DROPTOP welcomes our with coffee made from the best baristas, dessert, heart and warmth


DROPTOP is always open. We are always open to our customers opinions and strive to keep promises made to our customers


DROPTOP is open to everyone. It boasts organic coffee, and cozy interior made from natural materials. Even our decoration pieces are made through low-carbon processes. We will strive to create a space where customers are truly happy. We will provide the best resting space for our customers with sensory interior designs filled with refreshing aroma of trees.


DROPTOP pursues an ethical business has applied the direct management cooperation system for our franchise stories for the first time in the industry. Unitary system build upon ERP computerization, a care system upon 24 hour monitoring and an operation real-time analysis system promise of a win-win relation of a head office and franchise stories.